OU's 125th Anniversary, Galileo's World and The Immortales

Posted by Sherrie Phillips on 09/14/2015

The Capitoline Museum is the oldest public museum in the world. Currently, it is undergoing necessary renovations and from September 4 - December 6 you can see the exhibit "The Hall of Emperors." This is the first time these sculptures have been to the U.S. and will only be on display at the Fred Jones Jr.  Museum of Art. The busts date from the 1st Century B.C. - 5th Century A.D. If you can't get to Rome, this is your next best opportunity. Check out the website for more information http://www.ou.edu/fjjma.html. This museum also has a beautiful and extensive permanent exhibit that should not be missed.

In honor of OU's 125th Anniversary, the Library has put together "Galileo's World" https://galileo.ou.edu/. Here you'll find a replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa built to scale and a beautiful exhibit on the 5th floor of original publications and instruments used to measure the universe in Galileo's time. In fact, over the next year there will be 20 exhibits in 7 locations on three campuses.

Both exhibits are free and open to the public. And when you are in the area, stop by the historic Holmberg House. I'll happily give you a tour!




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